I Painted with Pastels???

I wanted to share this because it was fun and I am definitely going to be playing with this medium again. So for those who can’t tell how I did this SURPRISE its soft pastels! What I did was I found something with an edge and scraped it against my pastels to make little piles of powder. Then with a small paint brush I began applying it to my paper which i had sketched on with a light colored pencil. Once I was happy with the color I inked over it with a fine tip marker and in the end decided to give her that strange design on her head. I used a gold pen for the shiny details and a white gel pen as well.

Usually I’m not one to experiment in different mediums a lot but I saw someone do this for a sculpture and i thought, boy I bet that would look interesting on paper. So i gave it a shot and I loved it. I suggest anyone curious definitely give it a try, my piece here is small and not perfect, but I’m sure with more practice there are really cool things that can be done with this 🙂



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