Hi, my name is Lynnea, you may also eventually come to know me by the words “ApprenticeofDreams”. It’s kind of my title, my brand name, and a long story. I’m a bit of a “jack of all trades” in training, you know, “master of none but better than a master of one.” I enjoy sculpting, sewing, drawing, painting, coloring, cooking, writing, worldbuilding, and lots of other more specific things.

I’ve decided to kind of…revamp? for like the millionth time??? But this time its serious (you mean like every other time?). I’d like to stick my creative writing here, little snipits from stories i’m working on. Occasionally i may still post talks on things that are haunting my brain space, but for the most part, this place will be oriented towards my writing.

You can also find me in these places!
Instagram: @apprenticofdreams (for just random original art that i deem worthy enough to grace your screen)
Tumblr: ichorofthevoid.tumblr.com (for fanart eventually)